Just relax

My hair, post-massage. Yeah…it was that good.

Stress accompanies most major life changes.

  • Sell home of 17 years          ☑️
  • Quit job of 16 years              ☑️
  • Plan for 1,000 mile move   ☑️

Luckily, I have a friend who’s been there/done that, and he knew just what I needed: a professional therapeutic massage.

So off I went for my first ever massage at Essential Health in North Providence – a very generous gift.

It was fantastic. I highly recommend. If you’ve thought about going for one but are uncomfortable with the thought of getting naked in front of a stranger, don’t let it stop you. My massage therapist Michelle said, “I have clients who keep pants and socks on. Be comfortable!”

I know what you’re thinking…Yes, I got a happy ending. The kind that comes from having a professional skillfully massage out my knots and tension. Perverts. Don’t ask them about happy endings – you’re probably not paying enough for them to pretend to be amused by your unoriginal jokes for an hour.

But do go get a massage at Essential Health in North Providence, RI. Ask for Michelle.

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