Rhode Island’s Death Grip

what-if-i-ojbwrmHere I am, on day 5 of what SHOULD be my life on Hilton Head Island. Still in Rhode Island at my parents’ empty apartment in North Providence.

Following my move from my home in Smithfield, RI, I spent the next five days utterly exhausted beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. The sheer physical and emotional toll of moving 17 years’ worth of stuff was unexpected.

As I began to feel more energized, I started ticking through my “to-do” list.

Which resulted in a speeding ticket and the discovery that my car’s registration was cancelled. I got lucky. The police officer gave me a warning on the registration violation. The car should have been towed.

My extended stay has resulted in two problems: I burned through my phone’s data in 3 days, and I have nowhere to do laundry. My parents keep the laundry room key for their apartment in North Providence where it makes sense – in South Carolina with them.

So I bought 30 pairs of underwear.

You can’t say I’m not a problem solver.

NEXT UP: Why don’t underwear manufacturers offer packs of just solid, dark colors?

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